Why Do We Do It?

Conceal & Carry, INC. grew from a realization that Americans would not prepare unless it was simple, easy and convenient for them to do so. Preparation, just like anything else in the United States, is too often a chore, something you can put off until tomorrow.  So our task became, how can we get Americans to take up the task of a little preparation, specifically, training to obtain their CCW Permit, without the stigma that they were driving hell-bent on the path to be a “Gun Nut,” Survivalist or Doomsday Prepper? We needed a mainstream path to preparation and survival that can serve all citizens no matter what their preparedness goals may be.


Is it an issue for one to wish to be a little prepared for a crisis? It shouldn’t be. The United States has a history of civil defense and the utilization of firearms is part of that history. For many, we have just forgotten that it just makes sense. If one looks at the literature and proclamations being distributed from our nation’s capital, our government is telling us preparedness is a good idea. In a crisis, it might take a little bit of time to get to us. So with a little effort, we can dictate the circumstances within which we may have to survive. The government just likes to leave out the portions about guns, that guns are very important part in self-defense and emergency planning.
But if one sees the headlines that dominate the airwaves, there is not a day that goes by that another incident does not illustrate to us the effects of not being prepared. One cannot prepare for every scenario and no one wants to live in fear, yet it seems that we exist in a constant state of “willful ignorance.”
So accepting this, Rob and Jim, the founders of Conceal & Carry, INC., realized that many common sense people were thinking, maybe you need to make some preparations that include a firearm. They saw a need for a reasonable alternative to be placed in front of the American people. They saw a need for a venue for common sense CCW Training, training that breaks the mold of what is currently out there. With a long history in law enforcement, they could provide this venue, specializing in personal protection.  Thus, we created Conceal & Carry, INC. a venue to serve the local population in the basic training of firearms. With our unique view on how to help the average American prepare, stay safe, through quality firearms training, we strive to help our fellow citizens improve their preparedness profile with our “survival through education” theme.
We created the term Survival Management. Survival Management acts as a guide to “manage” one’s preparedness profile. Thus, one can continuously improve their mindset and preparedness level over time with both firearms training and periodic purchases of gear and equipment. With Survival Management as a guide, Americans can systematically and methodically improve their ability to sustain themselves and weather a crisis with confidence, no matter the scope.  Preparedness is a major focus of the Department of Homeland Security and Conceal & Carry, INC. is promoting what DHS wants us all to do….encouraging Americans to become more prepared and more involved with the security and preparedness for themselves and the status of their country.
Conceal & Carry, INC. removes the guess work when it comes to Conceal & Carry Training. We will provide the answers to all of your questions and give you the gift of confidence, self-reliance and a sense of control that is often absent when a disaster strikes. Embrace the personal responsibility to be prepared and to get training in emergency skills so that you can support yourself and your local first responders. We have to remember that the first responder on the street may not be the police or fire; it’s the guy who’s there when the crisis occurs.