If you would like to schedule a special training session please contact us!


We often receive special requests for training.  We have trained teachers, Real Estate Agents, Leasing Agents, Brokers, Church Groups & Medical Professionals, as well as groups of families and friends.  If you would like to schedule a special session for your group, please contact us and we will work with you to schedule a special session specifically for your group.

We can train your group at one of our locations or we can come to you.  We will need a classroom with a quality T.V. monitor in order to present the class.  We will need to obtain some basic information on each student so that we can pre-print the required paperwork.  Please know that we will still need to complete the requirements at the range following the classroom portion of the class.

Need images for this at top probably… can use the KCRAR and Women’s Council of Realtors images in the current site.