Real Estate Agent Personal Safety Program

Realtors and Leasing Agent professionals understand the inherent risks in showing homes and hosting open houses. You know there are times when you are placing your personal safety in danger. How well are you in detecting this? You know the safety tips and the procedures you should be following to minimize risk, but do you actually observe them?

With all of the energy you have exerted in selling properties, how much time have you spent in ensuring your personal safety? This too, is a big part of your daily routine. Take a look at your personal safety strategies and ask yourself, “what can I do to improve my personal safety profile in my daily routine?”

Our personal safety training provides agents with the strategy and contingency plans to maximize safety in all phases of your day and especially while showing properties, hosting open houses or evaluating REO properties.

We have endeavored be a resource to Real Estate Agents throughout the Kansas City Metro area to improve your personal preparedness profile. We incorporate awareness, training and the appropriate tools so that you can always be prepared when you are engaged in the field.

We provide all of the components one might need in order to build and improve your personal preparedness profile. We incorporate awareness, training and the appropriate tools so that you can always be prepared.

Understanding the time limitations that Real Estate Agents deal with, we developed a special program, specifically for you, the Real Estate Agent in the Kansas City Metro area. We call it the Real Estate Agent Personal Safety Program.

Each option within the program can provide you with valuable information and tools to better prepare yourself for the time when you just might need them.


Office Visits:

Contact us and we will schedule an appointment with your office. We will provide you with a presentation on Personal Safety Awareness & Protection. We will provide a variety of Less Lethal Options for you to choose from, purchase and will show you how to use them.

Self-Defense Classes:

We call it a Close Contact Self-Defense Course. This class has been designed to provide the Real Estate Agent with basic hands-on self-defense tactics that could be utilized in a personal safety crisis. Bring your everyday accessories: notebooks, pens, keys, IPADs, cell phones. Our Instructor, Shih-Fu, Steven Bolt will train you on how to use them for self-defense. Special sessions are available upon request.

Classes will be 2 hours in duration, typically 7-9 p.m. Our goal is to bring this training to you and make it a convenient as possible to become better prepared. Classes limited to 10 students, so bring a partner as you will work in pairs. Special sessions are available upon request.

COST: $ 35.00 per student

Conceal & Carry Training (CCW):

We will train you so that you can carry concealed as a personal safety option. Our CCW classes are conducted in a professional and comfortable atmosphere and are instructed by Jim Ham and Rob Russell. They will provide you with some of the highest quality of training available in the Kansas City area. Both are active in the Law Enforcement community with over 20 years each in weapons and tactical training.
The classes are designed to be simple to understand, yet comprehensive and applicable to the real world. Generally, all classes are 8+ hours long and typically run from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm including classroom and a range time of 1-2 hours. The cost is $120.00. Handouts, Firearms, Ammo, Hearing & Eye Protection are provided. You can sign up via our website individually or we can schedule a special session to train your whole office together.

Cost: $120.00
Firearm & Accessory Selection:

We can help you select the personal protection firearm of your choice and the accessories to go with it. We can walk you through a “gun fitting” so that you will feel comfortable and confident if you decide to carry.

To sign up as a group please contact us to arrange a specific date for your group to train together.  We have sign-up sheets that we can drop by your office so that they would be available to you and your colleagues.  Just give us a call and we will stop by!

Conceal & Carry, Inc. is an Affiliate member of both the Women’s Council of Realtors and the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors.