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Our course is based on the world-class materials from the United States Concealed Carry Association.

Welcome to Conceal & Carry, Inc., Kansas City’s Conceal & Carry Specialists.

Have you been thinking about obtaining your Conceal & Carry Permit? If you are serious about learning to carry, we can help. We make it easy, convenient and explain everything you need to know to be a safe, informed, responsible and prepared CCW equipped citizen. Our goal is to simplify the topic and demystify the process.  We offer training classes only for the state of Missouri and our course is certified for all counties in the state of Missouri.  We currently do not train Kansas residents as Kansas requirements are different and require all students in the class to be either all Missouri residents or all Kansas residents.  We cannot have a mixture of both Missouri and Kansas students.

We focus 100% on Conceal & Carry.  We specialize in training residents to comply with Missouri or Kansas State laws required for a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) permit.  All classes are taught by certified Firearms Instructors and meet or exceed the requirements of the requisite state laws. We will provide you with valuable information on the fundamentals of carrying concealed, guidelines to live by and what it means to be a reluctant participant.  We stress conflict avoidance, awareness and preparation as a portion of our training.

Our instructors are current Law Enforcement and we deliver quality, valuable instruction. We provide everything you will need to be certified: Information, Firearms, Ammunition, Eye & Ear Protection. Classes cost $120.00.

We created C & C to provide you, the American citizen, a quality venue through which you can obtain your Conceal & Carry Permit.  We realize that there are many options available to you here in the Kansas City area where one can obtain training.   That being said, all training is not equal.  We walk you through the Conceal & Carry education process utilizing ordinary terminology.

Regardless as to whether or not you are an experienced shooter or a beginner, if you are serious about taking a class, then we encourage you to sign up and spend your day with us, learning the fundamentals of Conceal & Carry and the importance of personal self-defense. We try to make this expansive and often complicated topic manageable and easy to understand. Conceal & Carry, Inc. exists to be your tutor, coach and instruction tool for you to add Conceal & Carry as an option to your Personal & Home Defense Plan.

The decision to purchase a firearm for personal defense and apply for a permit is a serious decision, but it’s no more serious than other decisions you’ve most likely made for the protection of yourself and your family. Think in the realm of smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and learning CPR. When it comes to fires and heart attacks, prevention matters and the same is true for violent crime. When you need the POLICE, they are minutes away. Seconds count! Professional First Responders cannot always be there when we need them.

Qualified Conceal & Carry citizens overwhelmingly accept the increased responsibility of carrying a personal firearm. A Conceal & Carry Permit simply provides one more option should we find ourselves unable to avoid or escape from a dangerous situation. Possessing a firearm actually elevates our legal and moral need to find ways to avoid or escape a bad situation.

Please view our Class Summary Tab for a description of our classes. We can help you take the next step in the process to obtain your Conceal & Carry Permit.

“Remember: You are the Real First Responder!”

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